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Attractions in the area


Bonyhád is often called the capitol of the Völgység. The city lies at the south border of Tolna county. On road Nr. 6 it is easy to reach Szekszárd, the centre of Tolna and Pécs, the centre of Baranya. The Völgység has a special climate with a lot of sunshine, halfway between the Great Hungarian Plain and the Transdanubium. The beauties of the nature, the historical traditions and rich cultural life is what makes Bonyhád attractive. More »

Thermal bath in Bonyhád

Water experience for friendly prices. The thermal bath in Bonyhád offers different pools for leisure, swimming and thermal / hot water experience. There are other sport fields, equipments and programmes, where you can relax or spend active time with family or friends. More »


Szekszárd is the centre of Tolna county and of the Szekszárd wine region, with around 4500 wine cellars. More »

Swimming pool in Szekszárd

The family friendly swimming pool and leisure park opened on the 31th of May, with 7 different pools, huge slides, spacious greens and all the services you need to relax and have fun every day of the week, no matter if you are 1 or 99 years old. More »


Szálka is located in Tolna county, south from the hills of Szekszárd, only in 12 km’s distance either from Bonyhád or from Szekszárd. To the east there is the fruitful plain of the Sárköz, to the west is the Völgység and to the north the Hegyhát. More »


Dombóvár is located in Tolna county and is the second biggest city in the county after Szekszárd More »


Mecseknádasd (in German (Bischof)nadasch, in Croatian Nadaš) is a nice village in Baranya county, in the district of Pécsvárad. More »


Óbánya is a nice village in Baranya county, in the Eastern-Mecsek, in the district of Pécsvárad. It is located in an enclosed valley near Mecseknádasd. Because of it’s natural but also manmade beauty, Óbánya is often called the „Hungarian Switzerland”. More »


Pécsvárad is a city in Baranya county and is the capitol of the district of Pécsvárad. It is located on the southern valley of the Eastern-Mecsek, at the foot of the highest point of the Mecsek, the Zengő, which is 682 m high, next to the main road 6 and in only 19 km’s from Pécs. It is the elemental centre of the Eastern-Mecsek. More »


Pécs is the capitol of Baranya county, the 5th biggest city in Hungary. The city was founded by the Romans at the beginning of the 2nd century under the name Sopianae. There are many tourist attractions all over the city. More »


Harkány is famous for its thermal spa, located in 25 km from Pécs, at the foot of the Villány-Mountain. There were two train lines passing through the city in the past, but now both lines (Alsómiholjác-Pécs and Sellye-Villány) are closed for public traffic. More »


Villány is the city of wine. The premium wines of Hungary are produced in this little, south-hungarian wine region. Villány is located where three different landscapes meat, the Templom-Hill, part of the Villány-Mountain, the Karasicaparjan and the Mediterranium. More »

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