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Wedding menu Bonyhád

Wedding menu

We can provide a wide range of food sortiment when it comes to the menu of the welcome party, the main dinner or the second dinner at midnight. Whether you would like to have an elegant and stylish served dinner or a buffet table, we can be at your service both ways.

The secret of every good wedding is the tasty and hearty meal!

Please find below our most popular wedding menus:

Wedding menu


  • Clear soup with chicken and traditional noodles
  • Cooked meat with garlic- and tomato sauce

Roast plate:

  • Chicken breast in sesame coat
  • Pork belly with chicken-liver and vegetable stuffing
  • Chicken-liver wrapped in bacon
  • „Gipsy” roast joint with garlic and fat bacon
  • Crunchy fried chicken leg
  • Turkey breast with butter
  • Fried mushroom
  • Fried cheese


  • French fries
  • Potato with parsley
  • Rice with peas
  • Mixed vegetables
  • Mixed salad

Buffet-menu at midnight:

  • Cold roast meats
  • Stuffed cabbage
  • Potato salad
  • French salad

On request:

  • Ice cream
  • Fruits
  • Cheese plate

You can bring: cakes, cookies, part of the drinks

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