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An unforgettable weekend in Bonyhád could
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At your service

We have several years’ of experience when it comes to wedding decorations. We are working in different styles and we provide our service and decoration materials for free.

Hair and make-up:
We can recommend an excellent staff for preparing the perfect hair and make-up of the bride, the bridesmaids and the happy mothers.

Taking pictures and shooting videos:
We can recommend several beautiful locations for taking pictures of the Happy Couple and their guests (the garden of the library in Bonyhád, ruins on the hill in Mecseknádasd, next to the lake in Bonyhád). In case you do not have your own photographer, we can help you out of course.

Very next to the Hotel we can provide parking space for 50 cars free of charge.

The Hotel provides you one colleague, who will help you with all the planning and organising of the wedding.

Invitation cards – little presents for your guests:
We can help you find and also provide the right invitation card and little presents for your guests.

Flower decoration:
We can purchase and decorate the hall, the location of the ceremony, the tables with the chosen kind and colour of flowers.

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